April 2018

Bacteria were the original forms of life to appear on earth some four billion years ago, while our own tenure on the planet...

March 2018

Canada is quietly marking a scientific and technological milestone this spring with the final shutdown of the National Research Universal (NRU)...

The Carbon Catalogue
February 2018

A Canadian database is emerging as the planet’s biggest repository of radiocarbon dates. 

January 2018

Chemical engineering professor Pedro Pereira-Almao and chemical engineer Luis Alejandro Coy are part of a University of Calgary team...

The petroleum industry uses mechanical pigs, like the one shown here, inside a pipeline. The pig, used to clean the inside pipeline wall, gets pushed along by the flow of oil or natural gas.
Fall 2017
A $7.9 million Genome Canada grant is funding research into the mitigation­ of widespread pipeline corrosion caused by bacteria. The project is estimated­ to save Canada’s oil and gas industry $300 to $500 million annually.

An oilfield worker from BP Exploration first noticed the acrid smell while driving near the...

 more than six billion tonnes of plastic waste end up in the ocean
Fall 2017
David Levin of the University of Manitoba is using bacteria to create renewable bioresins for making green biodegradable biocomposite materials for the transportation­ and aerospace industries.

Watch any New York City cop drama, from Law & Order to Blue Bloods, and you will see what filmmakers call an “establishing” shot.