Q&A on teaching with Leah Martin-Visscher, MCIC


Leah Martin-Visscher is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at The King’s University, Edmonton and the 2021 winner of the Margaret-Ann Armour Award for Early Career Chemistry Education. Her research with undergraduates explores the use of bacteriophages and antimicrobial peptides for food preservation. CIC News recently asked Martin-Visscher to share some insights from the classroom.


CSPC 2020: The social contract


In 2020 David Schlachter, a chemical engineering graduate student at Polytechnique Montréal, attended the  Canadian Science Policy Conference on behalf of the CIC. At the conference David attended a panel discussion on the social contract between science and the public, and he has shared the highlights of this panel discussion.


Q&A on teaching with Mark Workentin, FCIC


Mark Workentin, FCIC, is a professor of chemistry at Western University who is lauded for his entertaining and rigorous organic chemistry classes. He is a multi award-winning university teacher with honours including the OCUFA Excellence in Teaching Award and Western’s Pleva and Marilyn Robinson Awards. CIC NEWS recently asked Workentin to share some insights from his years behind the lectern. (Although he says he rarely stands at the lectern).


Solving SOUSCC

An office she could not visit, packed full of material for a conference that was not to be — this is one of the lingering memories Stefania Impellizzeri will have...