CIC graphic designer extraordinaire Krista Leroux has made it easy for you to navigate the busy itinerary of the upcoming Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, which takes place in Halifax from October 20-23. Her Program at a glance offers a single-page overview of the three-day proceedings, including how various sessions match with themes from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CIC and its constituent societies, including the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) responsible for this conference, recognize the SDGs as a defining feature of a sustainable future for humanity. These 17 key objectives, which were introduced by the UN General Assembly, set targets for 2030 in a number of key areas, from addressing poverty, hunger, and sanitation to creating gender equality, education, and meaningful employment.

For the Halifax conference organizers, the SDGs have served as a guide that has shaped the way sessions will examine solutions that could be undertaking in Canada to resolve global problems. A series of discussions about the use of algae in biofuels, biochemicals, foods, and wastewater treatment, for example, reflects the SDG dedicated to industry, innovation, and infrastructure. Talks on industry safety and risk management, on the other hand, fall under another SDG devoted to responsible consumption and production. In fact, this year’s conference has adopted the theme “Synergy and Innovation through Community Engagement”, which fits well with the overarching aim of the SDGs. The program will therefore consider the commercial and technical matters that guide contemporary chemical engineering, as well as the social and political issues that play a large part in the ultimate impact on Canada as a whole.