June 2015 marked an exciting month for Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) members, who were officially given online access to Chemistry World, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s award-winning magazine. They also were eligible for member registration prices at last month’s American Chemical Society (ACS) conference held in Boston, Mass. These exclusive new benefits are a result of two reciprocal agreements that the CSC signed in 2014 with the RSC and the ACS, respectively.

The agreement with ACS serves to underline the interests that chemists throughout the world share. Reciprocal in nature, the agreement benefits members of both societies, providing them with special registration prices when attending conferences in each other’s nations. This important development provides CSC chemists with ready access to both a national — through the existing CSC conference — and an international platform where they can showcase their work and continue to grow connections with the global chemistry community.

The agreement with RSC provides CSC members with a perfect complement to the Canadian Chemical News (L’Actualité chimique canadienne, or ACCN), which CSC members currently receive on a bimonthly basis as a benefit of their membership. While ACCN will continue to keep members up-to-date on national chemical news, Chemistry World will fill them in on developments in the international chemical community.

These deals showcase some of the hard work that the CSC has undertaken to provide its members with a means to connect and stay up-to-date on the global chemistry community.