Join us at 12 pm Wednesday 17 June 2020 for CIC Talks, featuring University of Ottawa Chemistry Professor Alison Flynn. Go to CIC Virtual to attend this event on Zoom.

When the next university semester begins this fall, there may be some classrooms on campus that actually contain people. But these will be in the minority. Most educational activities are expected to take place entirely on-line, an experience that will be new to many instructors and students.

It is nothing new for Alison Flynn, however. She teaches chemistry education at the University of Ottawa and long ago gave in to her abiding interest in virtual instruction. In fact, she and uOttawa biology Professor Jeremy Kerr literally wrote the book on this subject, entitled “Remote teaching: a practical guide with tools, tips, and techniques”. Not surprisingly, you can find it on-line at [English] and [French].

This publication walks you through the mechanics of successfully employing this technology to match the educational goals that would be found in a traditional learning environment. In addition to practical matters such as redefining the role of teaching assistants and dealing with needs of equity or accessibility, this guide suggests how to enhance communication with students and make them better on-line learners.

Just as she did in a recent exchange with CIC News, Professor Flynn will be able to field questions about specific challenges you may be facing in the on-line classroom. Get ready now for this new normal; it will be on the final and the mid-term!