After Wilfrid Laurier University chemistry Professor Hind Al-Abadleh became vice-chair of CIC’s Environment Division several years ago, among the priorities she identified was the need for a new award.

“Our division makes up about 10% of members of the CIC, but we only had one award,” she says, referring to the one sponsored by multinational separations and purification firm Dima Technology, which honours general achievements in environmental chemistry or chemical engineering. “Since other divisions had awards that recognized early career achievements, I suggested that we should offer something similar.”

Al-Abadleh is now the Division chair and much to her satisfaction, the award has become a reality. The terms of reference for the Environment Division Early Career Researcher Award can be found on the CIC Web site. The details include eligibility and the required supporting documentation that is required, but most importantly, although it states that nominations must be submitted by July 2, this year that deadline has been postponed to September 1 in order to ensure that the inaugural year is successful.

The award’s definition of “early career” can be up to 12 years after nominees have completed their highest possible degree, and the judges, who will include previous Dima Award recipients and then later recipients of this early career award, will be assessing distinguished contributions made to environmental science and technology in Canada.

“I am looking forward to seeing the first presentation of this award at next year’s Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Montreal next year,” she concluded.