Find out what’s trending in the chemical engineering community with the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (CJCE). The newest virtual issue, Spotlighting 2023: Top-Downloaded Articles, includes the 15 articles with the most downloads so far this year, all free to read now. The virtual issue covers a wide range of topics that are of interest to chemical engineers today, from planning for the future of energy in “How Canada can supply Europe with critical energy by creating a Trans-Atlantic energy bridge” and evaluating current technologies in the “Technology readiness level of gas hydrate technologies,” to investigating carbon dioxide release from storage tanks in “Transient multiphase CO2 release from high-pressure tanks: Influence of phase changes, viscous heating, and Joule–Thomson effect.”

Our community of chemical engineers is always eager to learn about up-to-date experimental methods. The top-downloaded articles of 2023 include two articles from the “Experimental methods in chemical engineering” special series: “Reactive extrusion” and “Computational fluid dynamics/finite volume method—CFD/FVM.”

Another topic that is generating significant buzz is applications of machine learning to various areas of chemical engineering. Articles covering this topic in the virtual issue include “Prediction of critical total drawdown in sand production from gas wells: Machine learning approach,” “Data-driven modelling methods in sintering process: Current research status and perspectives,” and “Reconciling deep learning and first-principle modelling for the investigation of transport phenomena in chemical engineering.”

Chemical engineering is at the forefront of the advancement of green technology, and the articles covered in this virtual issue are no exception. From research into bio-based raw materials in “Kinetic and mechanistic aspects of furfural degradation in biorefineries” to inquiries into pressing green engineering problems as in “Selective leaching of lithium ions from LiFePO4 powders using hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite system” and “A review on catalyst development for conventional thermal dry reforming of methane at low temperature,” the authors who contribute to the Canadian Journal for Chemical Engineering are working towards a greener future.

The future is open access! Did you know that 9 of the 15 top-downloaded articles of 2023 so far in the CJCE are open access articles? That’s 60%. Select open access titles in the issue include “Synergism of enzymes in chemical pulp bleaching from an industrial point of view: A critical review,” “Chemical engineering and industrial ecology: Remanufacturing and recycling as process systems,” “From P-type to N-type: Peripheral fluorination of axially substituted silicon phthalocyanines enables fine tuning of charge transport,” and “On the fluidization of cohesive powders: Differences and similarities between micro- and nano-sized particle gas–solid fluidization.”

The virtual issue, “Spotlighting 2023: Top-Downloaded Articles” is free to read until November 15, 2023, but you won’t want to wait to read these popular articles. Want to join the conversation? Submit your article for publication in the CJCE at