The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (CJCE) is excited to announce that we have launched a new submissions platform in partnership with Wiley. Wiley’s Research Exchange (ReX) makes submitting your article to the CJCE fast and easy.

With ReX, your submission is scanned automatically when you upload it, and all you have to do is check that the system has correctly extracted your relevant details. This means submitting your manuscript to the CJCE will take a fraction of the time! Even better, the new ReX system works with your existing Wiley log-in, so if you use Wiley Author Services or subscribe to any journal in the Wiley Online Library, you won’t have to create a new log-in.

When you use the new ReX system, you will be able to submit your article in 4 easy steps:

  1. Upload your manuscript files
  2. Verify that your details were identified and extracted correctly
  3. Confirm any additional details
  4. Submit your manuscript for editorial and peer review

It really is that simple! Now that the transition to ReX is complete, CJCE joins over 400 journals using the system, and authors and editors alike are giving it rave reviews. According to Wiley’s Author Services site, where you can also find more information about ReX, users call it “fantastic and hassle-free,” and “the easiest submission process I have experience for any journal.”

Experience the difference firsthand: submit your article to the CJCE today.