Dr. Michael Paleologou, Group Leader of FPInnovations in Québec, was named winner of the Research and Development Technical Award and William H. Aiken Prize by TAPPI’s International Research Management Committee (IRMC) at PaperCon 2015 in Atlanta, Ga. The award is given for outstanding accomplishments or contributions that advance the technology of the paper and related industries in the field of research and development.  

Paleologou, of Pointe-Claire, Que., has more than 25 years of R&D experience in the pulp and paper industry and his cutting-edge technologies have been implemented in mills throughout the world.  At FPInnovations, Paleologou leads a team of scientists, engineers and technicians in developing technologies for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels from forest biomass and forest biomass processing operations. Paleologou has published more than 150 documents, including 40 papers in refereed journals and has 14 United States and Canadian patents.