The 69th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference took place in Halifax in October. The event adopted the theme, “Synergy and Innovation through Community Engagement”, with conference tracks addressing current work in advanced materials, process development, industrial research, and natural resources. There were dedicated programs for students as well as for industry, with an overall emphasis on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, some of which were tagged to each presentation depending on its specific content.

As part of the student program the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering offered an Early Career Publishing Workshop, which explained the process of transforming research from the lab into a final publication. The conference also featured four presentations by the speakers chosen this year for the Emerging Leaders in Chemical Engineering initiative. These passionate discussions dealt with some of the most pressing chemical engineering problems facing the world today, which generated a great deal of interest among the students who attended, and CIC News gave a voice to these ideas through Alyne Teixeira, a biomedical engineering student at Dalhousie University who is also an ambassador with the Royal Canadian Institute for Science. She took up the challenge of considering how students in the chemical sciences should envision their careers and encouraged them to get out of the lab to connect with the wider world — and opportunities — around them.