What do you do at the CIC?

My role at the CIC is currently as a Program Coordinator, but will later transition into the role of Technical Analyst, which is focused on the technological and data aspect of conferences and other services we offer. In this role, I hope to help the CIC make data-driven decisions and create the best possible conference experience by using technology and data from past conferences.

How has your background led up to this work?

I graduated from Brock University with a double major in Interactive Arts and Science and Philosophy. During this time, I worked at the Brock University Help Desk, assisting the staff, faculty, and students with any technical issues they might be having.

After graduation, I worked as a teacher of computer science, religious education, and physical education at an academy in England. While at the academy, I helped prepare over 400 students for their final exams and taught a wide range of age groups from 10 to 16 years old.

I was initially only asked to come to the CIC for a few weeks to assist with some work during staff transition, but after finding out I had a skill set that matched what was needed at the CIC, I ended up staying on.

What else should people know about CIC?

The CIC is a small but powerful team of wonderful people who connect chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical technologists within Canada. We try our absolute best to provide the greatest version of all our experiences and services.

We often create surveys following a conference, newsletter, or other service we offer. The results from these surveys help us to improve user experience, thus any effort made towards completing them is greatly appreciated.