What do you do at the CIC?
At the CIC, I work as the Program Coordinator. This involves working with the organizing committees for both the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition and the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference. Together we work to create the scientific program to offer the best possible conference to our attendees. As well, I work closely with the subject divisions by supporting the CIC virtual seminar series and providing information for member outreach. Finally, I assist with the Lionel Scholarship which falls under the Chemistry Education Fund. This scholarship supports high school students with an interest in chemistry, biochemistry, or chemical engineering wishing to attend a postsecondary institution.

How has your background led up to this work?
I am a recent graduate from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science Honours with a major in chemistry. I have always had a passion for chemistry and working with members of the science community. During my undergraduate degree I gained valuable volunteer and work experience which has prepare me for my current role at the CIC. I have previously volunteered as a mentor to first year chemistry students and was the co-president of the chemistry department student council. I also have previous work experience as an environmental analyst.
What else should people know about CIC?
People should know that the CIC National Team is comprised of an incredible group of individuals. Everyone on the team is so welcoming, hard working, and passionate about their roles. This combination makes for a very enjoyable yet driven work environment.