What do you do at the CIC?

I am the national office’s Marketing & Partnership Coordinator. I develop and implement strategic marketing campaigns across all our channels to best meet the needs of our stakeholders and community members. As part of my portfolio of responsibilities, I am also involved in all corporate partnership projects, branding, promotion, campaign activations, sponsorship activities associated with our conferences, events, and all member programming elements. For the most part, I am focused on ensuring that our organization’s marketing and partnerships approach remains innovative and impactful.

How has your background led up to this work?

I have had excellent mentors starting with my mother, who has always encouraged my curiosity and supported my love of education. I started my academic journey at the University of Ottawa with a bachelor of Spanish studies. I earned a master’s degree at the University of Guelph in Latin American & Caribbean studies. After I discovered that I had more than a passing interest in advertising, I completed more post-secondary programs and degrees at Algonquin College, York University, and University of Sussex, focused entirely on digital marketing, content marketing, public relations, and event management. My educational foundation and my extensive work experiences in the industry have led me to this type of work but they also help me deliver substantial contributions to all my projects and teammates.

What else should people know about CIC?

The Chemical Institute of Canada has established relationships with academic institutions that extend from coast to coast and far beyond our domestic region. Additionally, the organization has a strong portfolio of legacy partners within the industry that are actively engaged in its conferences and other functions. However, beyond this cohort of existing stakeholders, the CIC is always interested in pursuing new partnerships and marketing opportunities with organizations that may be unfamiliar with the sector but still want to be part of Canada’s professional chemical sciences community in some way or another. If any businesses wish to better integrate themselves within this thriving and dynamic chemical science, engineering, and technology community, I am always happy to connect.