What do you do at CIC?

I am the Communications Coordinator. Among other things, I’m the one who assembles the bi-weekly newsletter that arrives in every member’s inbox. I also handle social media platforms, e-mail campaigns, and sponsorship for our two big conferences, CCCE and CCEC.

How has your background led up to this work?

After I graduated from the University of Guelph in 2016 with a Master’s degree in European Studies, I worked in marketing and communications roles with the software firm Corel, as well as with charities such as the Ottawa Community Immigration Services Organization (OCISO). I ran fundraising activities like Run for a New Start, which brought in $35,000 from people registering for the Ottawa Race Weekend who donated to OCISO’s programs. The professional experience I have acquired means that carrying out this same function within CIC is a comfortable fit for me — although I have learned a lot about how the scientific world operates!

Like what?

One outstanding example for me has been the overwhelming emphasis on safety in any kind of industrial or laboratory setting. This week is the 35th anniversary of a very unpleasant memory for everyone in the chemical sector — the gas leak in Bhopal, India that killed thousands of people and injured hundreds of thousands more. A disaster of that magnitude led to the Responsible Care safety management commitment, which became part of CIC’s institutional culture as well.

What else should people know about CIC?

The organization has a unique place in Canada’s chemical landscape. It sits at the center of a community that brings together career academics, industry professionals, students, and even government officials with an interest in this field. By having them all under one roof, CIC has a special ability to start discussions between them, build bridges across different disciplines, and move the entire community forward.