2019 CSC Board of Directors

The Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) elected their new board at the June 6 Annual General Meeting in Quebec City.  The Board is made up of (from left to right) Steven Holdcroft (Vice President), Jason Pearson (Treasurer), Ian Jobe (Executive Director), Deborah Nicoll-Griffith (President), Thomas Baumgartner (Conferences), Jeffrey Keillor (Subject Divisions), Kim Baines (Past President), Jennifer Love (Awards), Kazim Agha (Local Sections) and Nola Etkin (Student Affairs). In absentia are Alison Flynn (Accreditation), Carlos Velazquez (Professional Status) and Iain McNab (FCPC Representative).  For 2019–2020, the Board will continue to focus around their Strategic Initiatives (Membership, Engagement and Growth; Conferences; Recognition; Bilingualism; Diversity and; Industry, Government and Community Engagement).