2SLGBTQ+ and ally CIC members James Gauld, John Hayward, Tricia Carmichael, and Marcus Drover at the University of Windsor are involved in organizing the LGBTQ+ STEM Conference, which will be happening virtually from Oct. 5-9th, 2020. This year’s conference is building off the successes of last year’s inaugural event, and will bring together STEM professionals to showcase the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community.

The conference will be spread out throughout the week taking place in the afternoons (ET), with talks from leading researchers on their work and identities. There will also be opportunities to socialize and network virtually with the speakers and attendees, as well as a panel session on “Inviting EDI Discussion in STEM.”

This conference is free to attend and with its move to the virtual domain, you can now join in from anywhere around the world! We hope that you support this excellent initiative by registering for the conference.

The organizers are also looking at ways to connect and support the 2SLGBTQ+ Canadian chemical sciences community, including creating a CIC Member Resource Group and working on programming for our upcoming IUPAC/CCCE 2021 conference in August 2021.