The 48th World Chemistry Congress (WCC) and 104th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CCCE) offers you ways to learn, engage, connect, and share your research through the conference platforms. In addition, you can also connect with the conference through social media. Here are some ways to help you join these active social media discussions.

  • Using conference hashtags: Hashtags help social media users filter through the overwhelming amount of content online and expand the reach of their post. Include #IUPAC2021  and #CCCE2021 in all your social media conference posts so that others can find and engage with your content online.
  • Tagging accounts: Tag the Twitter accounts for the Canadian Society for Chemistry (@CIC_ChemInst) and IUPAC (@IUPAC) in your Tweets to get them noticed and shared by other chemical sciences community members around the globe.
  • Sharing content screenshots: Share your conference experience on social media, but please refrain from sharing screenshots or video of anyone else’s technical session talks, posters, or videos on your channels. Please review our conference FAQs regarding the subject of intellectual property to learn more.
  • Expanding your social network: Find conference attendees and speakers on LinkedIn and Twitter and add them to your channels to further grow your social network. It’s never too early to start networking and engaging with other conference attendees and speakers.
  • Embracing the IUPAC | CCCE brand: Get your social media activity noticed by your peers by downloading our designated conference social media visual graphics for Twitter and LinkedIn to add to your posts.

Still need more information to better prepare you for the virtual format of IUPAC | CCCE 2021? Check out our other virtual conference articles to ensure that you have all the information and tools you need to fully enjoy your conference experience.

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