The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, in partnership with the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering and Wiley, is proud to announce that our impact factor has increased to 1.687.

Impact factor is a metric designed to assess on average how many citations an article published in a specific journal might expect to see. Clarivate analytics calculates the numbers annually and releases them in their Journal Citation Report.

The 2-year impact factor looks at the total number of articles published by the journal across a 2-year period – in this case 2018 and 2019 – and the total number of citations that those articles accrued over the same 2 years. To get the impact factor, you divide the total number of citations by the number of articles published in those 2 years.

Like last year’s increase, this year’s impact factor increase is especially exciting because Can. J. Chem. Eng. has been publishing more articles than ever before. For our impact factor to increase with this higher volume of articles published, our total number of citations had to also increase.

This higher rate of citations is a testament to the fantastic work that the chemical engineering community continues to produce, and we are very grateful that you choose to publish your research with our journal. We also appreciate the dedication of our editorial boards and our peer reviewers: their diligence throughout the review process ensures that we publish high quality chemical engineering research.

“This year’s increase on the Impact Factor continues to highlight The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering’s commitment to publish high quality content,” says Alex Castro, Wiley’s Editor, Research and Publishing. “This is not only reflected in the Impact Factor, but on the quality of the peer review and publication process that Prof. João Soares, Kyra Van Den Bos, and the rest of their team strive to achieve.”

Can. J. Chem. Eng.’s rising impact factor is only one of many reasons why you should choose to publish your chemical engineering research with us. In 2020, we began a new initiative with Wiley that allows for transparent peer review. Choosing to publish with us also means knowing that your review time will be fast, and you will get the benefit of Wiley’s publishing platform. Finally, when you submit your research to Can. J. Chem. Eng., you are also supporting the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering and we are always proud to feature Canadian articles.