After six years at Université de Sherbrooke, Eli Zysman-Colman was appointed this past July to a prestigious EaStCHEM Research fellowship at the University of St. Andrews at St. Andrews, Fife. Zysman-Colman is researching functional materials for energy conversion and is a member of the Scottish Institute for Solar Energy­ Research.

Chemical Institute of Canada Chair David T. Fung was appointed this past September to CSA Group as vice-chair. Fung has been a member of the CSA’s board of directors since 2009, and has served on its Human Resources and Compensation Committee. He was also appointed Chair of the Standards Policy Board. September also saw Fung appointed to the Regulatory Advisory Committee, which will review and comment on the Annual Scorecard of the federal Government’s Red Tape Reduction Action Plan. Fung is chairman and CEO of the ACDEG Group of companies.  

The Royal Society of Canada, a 131-year-old collegium of distinguished Canadian scholars, artists and scientists, has welcomed several new members from chemistry’s academic circles as fellows. They include: 

  • Jonathan Abbatt of the Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto. Abbatt is recognized worldwide as a leader in atmospheric chemistry. 
  • Tomas Hudlicky of the Department of Chemistry, Brock University. Hudlicky is an early proponent of green chemistry and pioneered the use of biological methods in manufacturing medicinally important compounds. 
  • Philip Jessop of the Department of Chemistry, Queen’s University. Jessop is an internationally recognized chemist who pioneered the field of homogeneous catalysis in supercritical fluids and invented ‘switchable solvents’ to reduce the environmental impact of these substances.
  • Mary Anne White, of the Department of Chemistry, Dalhousie University. White is a world leader in experimental investigations of thermal properties of materials, at the overlap of chemistry, physics and materials science.
  • Andrei Yudin of the Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto. Yudin is an internationally renowned scholar who has created new molecules that serve as powerful tools used for chemical synthesis.