Support for Scientific Research and Development, and Science, Research and Technology Organizations

The 2019 Federal budget continued the Government’s commitment to investment in science and research and education, through a few initiatives including the expansion of the Student-Work-Integrated Learning Program, new research scholarships to Canadian graduate students, support for Canada’s youth pursuing post-secondary education through various taxation and loan-interest improvements, and work with Canada’s Indigenous peoples to access post-secondary education and achieve academic success.

On August 2, 2018, the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC), working with advocacy partner the Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR) submitted a pre-budget recommendation for the 2019 Federal budget to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA). On March 20, 2019, CCR issued a response to the Federal Budget 2019.  View the full press release from CCR.

The CIC encourages its members to meet with their Member of Parliament as the 2019 election becomes more central to communicate the key role that chemical sciences and engineering play in solving global challenges and for the prosperity of Canada. In such opportunities, members may consider discussing points from the CCR response.  For example, inadequate funding for science and engineering education research, as well as the need for educational research to look at highly qualified personnel training models. Other areas of focus may be on investment in innovation, technology and commercialisation and the impact of addressing the technical skills shortage and implementation of the Strategic Science Fund.  Or, the fact that the 2019 Federal budget did not include institutional research support or support for research infrastructure to build on the 2018 budget gains. Both are critical to enhance the environment for science and scholarship, which includes but is not limited to infrastructure-related start up costs, ongoing costs to support major science facilities, and replacement costs for research tools and instruments that are outdated. You are encouraged to personalize your message.

2019 Federal budget CIC response (PDF)