Yes, we know the decade that has become known as the “teens” will not officially end until December 31, 2020. But now is when we all stop using “201x” as the format for writing the year, so this feels like a fresh start. Before that happens, however, please join us for a quick look back at the outgoing year. From reflections on the passing of a major figure who helped define the modern world of laboratory procedure to speculation about the future of scientific publishing, CIC News addressed the full sweep of current affairs for its membership. This included coverage of major events such as our conferences in Quebec City and Halifax, as well as gatherings by local sections and Canadian perspectives on the sesquicentennial of the creation of the Periodic Table. Among the highlights of 2019 were sessions where University of Calgary students had an opportunity to learn about process safety from experts at the forefront of the field, a workshop in which the CIC Local Section in Vancouver introduced educators to the concept of Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning, and a discussion by laboratory representatives on some on logistical challenges posed by the growing scarcity of helium. And we presented some downright compelling accounts of cutting-edge research — from a bioreactor that has been turned into a test version of the human microbiome to the study of persistent organic pollutants in the Arctic and microbes that are put to work for us — confirming what everyone should know, namely that chemistry is the central science at the heart of humanity’s inquisitive enterprise.

We heard from students, university faculty members, government representatives, and individuals in all parts of the industry. And in 2020 we would be pleased to hear from you, too; if there is anything you would like to discuss, please contact the editor of Canadian Chemical News at