The July issue of Can. J. Chem. Eng. is particularly important as it is a special issue in honour of Dr. Jamal Chaouki, professor from the Department of Chemical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal. For this special issue, guest editors Professors Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh and Xiaotao Bi have invited friends, associates, and students of Dr. Chaouki to contribute articles to highlight his substantial academic achievements and significant impact on the scientific community. Part I of this special issue will be featured in the July issue and Part II will appear in the August issue of the journal.

In the Preface to this special issue, Professors Sotudeh-Gharebagh and Bi, former PhD student and postdoctoral fellow of Dr. Chaouki, respectively, outline their “gratitude to Dr. Chaouki for his decades of dedication to teaching, mentoring, research, and community services in Canada, Morocco, and worldwide.” The Preface also includes a biography in which Prof. Sotudeh-Gharebagh notes the defining moments in Dr. Chaouki’s early academic career that led to his innovative research and extensive professional successes. Also outlined is Dr. Chaouki’s “unique” approach to teaching that emphasizes “freedom of thought,” which he has shared with many graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and research associates throughout his time as a professor. In addition, Prof. Sotudeh-Gharebagh notes the extensive list of honours Dr. Chaouki has received throughout his career, including the R. S. Jane Memorial Award of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE).

Be sure to access this special July issue and read more about the important work done by this outstanding professor, innovator, and leader!

This month, Can. J. Chem. Eng. has also released our latest virtual issue­­—Women in Chemical Engineering­­—in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd. To highlight the excellent work being done by women in the chemical engineering field, we have compiled a virtual issue consisting of 19 articles from research teams that include, or are comprised completely of, women chemical engineers. Access this virtual issue while it is free to read until early August!