Helen Tran, a chemist specializing in developing new materials for next-generation electronics, and Lucas Caire da Silva, a chemist working on bioinspired cell-like systems in multicompartment microreactors and adaptive colloidal systems are the winners of 2024’s CNC-IUPAC travel awards.

The awards are made possible by company associates and the Gendron Fund and provide up to $2,500 to travel and present at IUPAC conferences.

The University of Toronto’s Tran will present at IUPAC MACRO2024, the 50th World Polymer Congress on polymer chemistry to design materials encoded with information for self-assembly and electronic transport. McGill University’s Caire da Silva will present at the same conference on the design of synthetic nanoreactors and 3D materials that mimic the organizational, adaptive and structural features of cells and biological structures.

Congratulations to both!