The Editor’s Choice article for the March issue of CJCE is a new open-access article, “Neural network identification of water pipe blockage from smart embedded passive acoustic measurements”, by authors from University of Birmingham, UK: Luca Baronti, Marco Castellani, Daniel Hefft, and Federico Alberini.

Don’t miss the issue highlight articles, also selected by our Editor-in-Chief: “Eichhornia crassipes as biosorbent for industrial wastewater treatment: Equilibrium and kinetic studies”, by Rajnikant Prasad, Dayanand Sharma, Kunwar D. Yadav, and Hussameldin Ibrahim; “A critical review on micro- and nanomotors: Application towards wastewater treatment”, by Bharti Verma, Sarang P. Gumfekar, and Manigandan Sabapathy; and “Thermokinetic study of macadamia carpel pyrolysis using thermogravimetric analysis”, by Kelly C. C. S. R. Moreira, Thiago P. Xavier, Jesuína C. S. de Araújo, Kássia G. dos Santos, and Taisa S. de Lira.