The June issue of CJCE is a Special Issue Honouring Professor Hisham Nasr-El-Din, former John Edgar Holt Endowed Chair Professor in the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University, who passed away on 3 July 2020. This special issue features 28 invited papers from Dr. Nasr-El-Din’s colleagues and students. As guest editor Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein notes in the Preface to this special issue, Dr. Nasr-El-Din will not only be remembered for the numerous awards he received from Texas A&M and the Society of Petroleum Engineering and over 16 000 Google citations, but also the special impact he had on the students who had the opportunity to work with him: “He guided his students as a mentor and supported them like a father, kindly with wisdom and enthusiasm”. Dr. Hussein adds that even those who did not work closely with Dr. Nasr-El-Din will be influenced by the legacy of his work: “The state-of-the-art developments and inventions he made during his career live on by inspiring young scholars to follow in the footsteps of a great leader”. Be sure to access this special issue to learn more about Dr. Nasr-El-Din’s significant impact on the chemical engineering community.

The June issue also features an editorial by CJCE Editor-in-Chief João B. P. Soares highlighting the upcoming special issue that will celebrate CJCE’s 100th volume: “I am pleased to announce an upcoming special issue to celebrate this major landmark in our long history. All articles included in this special issue were written by current or past members of our Editorial Board or International Advisory Board, covering a wide range of chemical engineering topics, well in line with the philosophy of our Journal”. This special issue will contain over 35 papers from each of our content categories and will be released later this year.

Also, be sure to explore CJCE’s latest virtual issue—Current Trends in Chemical Engineering Research—which features recently published articles (2021 and 2022) on topics that are currently relevant within the chemical engineering community, from the biodegradation of microplastics to tissue engineering. Access this virtual issue during the month of June while it’s free-to-read.