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This month’s Editor’s Choice article is an open access article and the latest addition to the Pathways to Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions Special Series: “An optimal sustainable planning strategy for national carbon capture deployment: A review on the state of CO2 capture in Canada” by Samantha A. Usas and Luis Ricardez-Sandoval, a CJCE Associate Editor, from the University of Waterloo. In this article, the authors examine “the steps Canada is taking to address sustainable decarbonization in the context of carbon capture” and present “a new optimal framework for national optimal deployment in need of strategic carbon capture implementation.”

The second issue highlight is another open access article, “Optimizing nanofluid additives for enhanced thermophysical properties in anionic crude oil for EOR applications” by Saeed Zeinali Heris, Hamid Bagheri, Seyed Borhan Mousavi, and Shamin Hosseini Nami. In this article, the authors study the “effects of introducing multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) into crude oil with an anionic base, aiming to enhance its thermophysical attributes in the EOR process.” The article notes the “potential of tailored nanofluid formulations to improve the thermophysical properties of crude oil, potentially enhancing extraction and refining processes.”

The third issue highlight from the July issue is a Mini Review: “Is grafting crystals the new art of making conventional elastomers smart?” by Sayan Basak from University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India. In this paper, the author “celebrates the development of semi-crystalline shape memory elastomers developed via grafting crystals onto conventional elastomers and offers personal insights into the potential directions this discovery could take us.” Access this article this month while it is free-to-read!

In the final featured article of this issue, a review article titled “Microfluidic devices, materials, and recent progress for petroleum applications: A review” by Stefanía Betancur, Lina Quevedo, and Carol M. Olmos, the authors “provide a comprehensive overview of microfluidic devices, their materials, and their applications in the petroleum industry.” In addition, “Throughout the paper, the advantages and disadvantages of implementing microfluidic devices and utilizing specific materials are thoroughly discussed. This analysis provides valuable insights into the challenges and potential limitations associated with this technology.” Explore this article while it is free-to-read for the month of July!

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