On Feb. 19, the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) and its strategic partner the Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR) submitted pre-budget Briefs to the federal government recommending the following:

  • Increased funding to the tri-council programs;
  • Increased financial support for post-secondary students and postdoctoral fellows;
  • Investment in the development, maintenance and upgrading of Canada’s science and technology infrastructure.

The budget tabled on March 22 detailed important investments in science and technology, including increased support to the tri-council funding agencies, grant funding for post-secondary students, support for research infrastructure at post-secondary institutions and a significant investment into the research, development and demonstration of clean technologies. The CIC looks forward to working with Minister of Science Kristy Duncan in the coming year as she undertakes “a comprehensive review of all elements of federal support for fundamental science” and continues to advocate for increased tri-council funding and financial support for students and postdoctoral fellows. Review the budget at www.budget.gc.ca.