For over twenty years, the Undergraduate Chemistry Society has played a fundamental role in fostering a sense of community among chemists and connecting students with the Department of Chemistry faculty. As one of the most active departmental clubs in the Faculty of Science, we are dedicated to promoting chemistry campus-wide and in our community.

Every year, we carefully evaluate the needs of students in each year level to identify potential areas of improvement and implement new events and services to better serve the community. This year, our team chose to focus on three main goals: increasing attendance from all year levels at our events, enhancing our online presence, and providing more student services. To achieve our goals, the UCS organized over 30 events and initiatives, including seven new activities, for the 2021/22 academic year.

For the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with a team of 25 passionate and dedicated executive club members. Together, we successfully navigated a challenging year by making many events hybrid in order to include both those who were ready to return to an in-person setting, and those who preferred to participate online. Many of our new events focused on welcoming second-year students new to the major. We strove to promote both academic success and emotional wellbeing, both of which I believe we achieved.