Prime Minister Trudeau has announced Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, Mona Nemer, at a ceremony at the House of Commons. The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) welcomes this exciting news and congratulates Nemer on her appointment in this role and we wish her the best in carrying out her duties in this esteemed position. Nemer is a long-time member of the Canadian Society for Chemistry and obtained her PhD in bio-organic chemistry from McGill University.

Nemer is a distinguished medical researcher whose focus has been on the heart, particularly on the mechanisms of heart failure and congenital heart diseases. In addition to publishing over 200 scholarly articles, her research has led to new diagnostic tests for heart failure and the genetics of cardiac birth defects. Nemer has spent more than ten years as the Vice-President, Research at the University of Ottawa, has served on many national and international scientific advisory boards, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a Member of the Order of Canada, and a Chevalière de l’Ordre du Québec.