It’s time to submit your nominations for the 2022 Catalysis Division R. B. Anderson Award.

The Catalysis Division of the Chemical Institute of Canada administrates the R. B. Anderson Award every other year and it is sponsored by the Canadian Catalysis Foundation. The R. B. Anderson Award, named after the prominent Canadian catalysis researcher, is awarded to an internationally recognized leader in the catalysis field, without regard for age, gender, nationality, affiliation, or the location at which the research was carried out. Now it is time to nominate the candidates for 2022. View the Administration Terms of Reference (TOR) for the CIC Catalysis Division’s R. B. Anderson Award. You can also learn more about the award and Catalysis Division on their website. Those who want to nominate a candidate can download the TOR, follow the procedure, and send the nomination form to Vice Chair of the Division, Hui Wang by January 31, 2021.