The November issue of Can. J. Chem. Eng. is a special issue in honour of Professor Leo A. Behie. For this special issue, guest editors Professors Anil K. Mehrotra, Kunal Karan, Michael S. Kallos, and Arin Sen, collected 22 invited international contributions, many from researchers connected with Professor Behie during their academic studies or professional careers.

Professor Behie obtained his BSc, MASc, and PhD degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Western Ontario, before engaging in postdoctoral work at NATO, followed by work at the Research Centre of Domtar Ltd., and teaching positions at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Calgary. As the guest editors note in the Preface, the response to the invitations to contribute to this special issue was “indicative of the appreciation and high regard researchers in chemical and biomedical engineering disciplines hold toward Prof. Behie.”

The guest editors also highlight the legacy that that Professor Behie left behind within the community, namely “messages of evolution through adaptability, the timeless value of core knowledge, the synergistic effect of collaboration, and the long-lasting impact of mentorship.” Mentorship was important to Prof. Behie: “He did not hesitate to give freedom to his mentees to explore their ideas while trusting them to undertake difficult and challenging problems. In doing so, Prof. Behie promoted creativity and instilled confidence in the highly qualified personnel he mentored over five decades.”

Be sure to access this special November issue to learn more about the significant impact of this outstanding individual on the scientific community.