The December issue of Can. J. Chem. Eng. features our new cover and logo—just in time for our 100th Volume in 2022! Stay tuned for more about our exciting plans to celebrate this milestone.

This month’s Editor’s Choice is from our Established Leaders Special Series: “Multi-scale modelling of monolith reactors: A 30-year perspective from 1990 to 2020” by Robert E. Hayes, MCIC, and Ivan Cornejo. We also present short biographies from the 2021 winners of two annual Journal-sponsored awards: Dr. Nashaat N. Nassar, winner of The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Lectureship award; and Dr. Ali Shayesteh Zeraati, winner of the Award for Best Graduate Student Paper Published in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering for his paper “Carbon nanotube/ZnO nanowire/polyvinylidene fluoride hybrid nanocomposites for enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding”.

Don’t miss our Editor-in-Chief’s issue highlight articles: “Exploring the use of high solid loadings in enzymatic hydrolysis to improve biobutanol production from brewers’ spent grains” by Pedro E. Plaza, Mónica Coca, Susana Lucas Yagüe, Marina Fernández-Delgado, Juan C. López-Linares, and María T. García-Cubero; “Formation and stability of oil-laden foam: Effect of surfactant and hydrocarbon solvent” by Feng Lin, Jason K. Ng, Yueying Huang, Charley Huang, and Hongbo Zeng, MCIC; and “Laboratory monitoring approaches for tailings settling and evaluation of flocculant and coagulant treatments” by Petro Babak, Feng Li, Sandra Motta Cabrera, and Apostolos Kantzas, MCIC.

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