Did you know that the history of the CIC, CSC, and CSChE is rooted in the British-based Society for Chemical Industry (SCI)?

In 1901, the first Canadian Local Section was founded in Toronto.  Other local sections soon followed in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Shawinigan Falls.  In 1945, when the CIC was formally incorporated, an agreement was arranged, whereby CIC would be the leading chemical organization in Canada, tasked with organizing conferences and other activities, whilst SCI would support the community by offering a suite of awards.

The CIC has long supported this partnership, however, it is not widely known.  SCI grants various Student Merit Awards at universities across the country. These awards are granted to top-performing students. There is an active committee that garners and adjudicates industry-focused awards to leading industry chemists and chemical engineers.  Currently, there are several members of the CIC, CSC, and CSChE communities who serve on the SCI Nomination Committee.

SCI Canada is delighted to open a nomination call for the SCI Canada Medal.  This award nomination call will close on January 15, 2023.  Nominate a Canadian industry leader for this honour. Complete the nomination form today.