International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) is seeking Canadian candidates to serve as national delegates to this international body, which strives to provide mentorship and community to participants at the earlier stages of their careers.

“It’s a way for young chemists around the world to unite and to have their say in how chemistry moves forward, to address important issues such as sustainable development goals,” says Francesca Kerton, a member of Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Department of Chemistry. She first became aware of IYCN about three years ago, while taking part in a general assembly of IUPAC, which has established a comprehensive relationship between the two organizations.

“There’s various activities that go on behind the scenes, targeted at younger chemists for them to get to know each other but also for them to network and build connections with other people in IUPAC,” she explains.

Now, as Chair of IUPAC’s Canadian National Committee, Kerton has been asked to provide the names of two chemists from Canada to take part in collaborative activities between IYCN and IUPAC, which will be featured at the IUPAC World Chemistry Congress taking place in Montreal in 2021 as part of IUPAC/CCCE. These posts will also include the opportunity to take part in IYCN steering committees that are coordinating this collaboration, including Public Outreach, Finance, Social Media, Governance, Conference Presence, and International Society Liaison.

“Through our delegates and members, we are working hard to promote IYCN to the general chemistry community, so that we can develop, grow, and fulfill our vision for this organization,” says IYCN Chair Lori Ferrins in a call for delegates. “We are looking to identify two IYCN delegates from each country. These representatives should be highly motivated and willing to donate their time, energy, and experience to help IYCN reach and support as many of our members as possible, hence fulfilling the vision of a global connection for all younger chemists around the globe.”

Prospective candidates should be under the age of 35 and actively pursuing chemistry-related training, or have completed that training within the last five years. The deadline for applications is August 15, and should contain your name, contact details, a biography of STEM experiences that is no more than half a page long, and a short statement explaining why you want to become an IYCN delegate. To apply or inquire, contact Kerton at, using the subject line “IYCN Delegates 2021”.