Welcome to the 39th High Polymer Forum Conference

The conference will take place in summer 2022 at the Glen House Resort in Gananoque, Ontario.

Cash prizes will be awarded to student participants for the first and second best oral and poster presentations.

NOVA Chemicals Keynote Lecture

Ian Manners, University of Victoria: Seeded Self-Assembly of Molecular and Polymeric Amphiphiles Driven by Crystallization

Invited Speakers

  • Mario Gauthier, University of Waterloo: Controlled Architecture Polymers: What, Why, and How?
  • Elizabeth R. Gilles, Western University: Degradable and stimuli-responsive polymer platforms for drug delivery
  • Thomas Baumgartner, York University: Phosphaviologens – A Versatile Multifunctional Platform for Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • Patrick Malenfant, National Research Council Canada: Nanomaterials for 2D and 3D Printed Electronics
  • Pierre D. Harvey, Université de Sherbrooke: Conjugated polymers of zinc(II)​porphyrins and diketopyrrolopyrroles: solar cell properties and their related ultrafast photophysical events in blends and models

Organizing Committee

Eric Vignola | Conference Chair
NOVA Chemicals

Zhao Li | Program Chair
National Research Council Canada

Audrey Laventure | Secretary-Treasurer
Université de Montréal


The Canadian High Polymer Forum conference is proudly sponsored by: