2019: 150th Anniversary of the Birth of the Periodic Table

Throughout 2019, the CIC joins the world in celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019)!

2019 also marks the 100th anniversary of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC100).

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Periodic Table of Younger Chemists

Get to know the outstanding individuals representing Canada in IUPAC100’s Periodic Table of Younger Chemists with our Q&A articles below.

Kelly Summers – copper (Cu)

PhD Candidate, University of Saskatchewan

Ernest Awoonor-Williams – zinc (Zn)

PhD Candidate, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Juris Meija – osmium (Os)

Research Officer, National Research Council Canada

Mita Dasog – silicon (Si)

Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University
Erin McConnell

Erin McConnell – helium (He)

Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University
Nimrat Obhi - Periodic Table of Younger Chemists

Nimrat Obhi - hassium (Hs)