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The Scientific Executive of WATOC 2020 is pleased to announce the ten winners of the poster competition: 

Dario Barreiro-Lage, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain 
An Alternative Origin for O2(+) Production from Photoionized CO2 Clusters in Planetary Atmospheres

Katja Sophia Czisi, ETH Zürich, Switzerland 
Dioxygen Activation in Rieske Dioxygenases: A Model Study Towards Automated QM/MM Protocols

Maxime Ferrer, CSIC – IQM, Spain
5,10-Disubstituted Dibenzoazaborinines and Dibenzophosphaborines Used as Cyclic Support of Frustrated Lewis Pairs for the Capture of CO2

Simone Gallarati, EPFL, Switzerland
OSCAR: Organic Structures for Catalysis and AI Repository

Sandra Gómez, University College London, UK
Probing Non-adiabatic Dynamics using Quantics

Inigo Iribarren, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Exploring the Conformational Space within Phase Transfer Catalysts: Computational Methods Benchmarking

Manjinder Kour, Montana State University, USA
Development of Atomic-Scale Models for Low Temperature Pyrite Reduction Reactions

Maximillian Mörchen, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Streamlined Automatic Active Space Calculations through AutoCAS

Sergio Peréz Tabero, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
Theoretical Study of Triazole-containing Pesticides and Their Protonated Forms

Viki Kumar Prasad, University of British Columbia, Canada
Development of Atom-centered Potentials for Efficient and Accurate Electronic Structure Modeling of Large Molecular Systems

The poster prizes were sponsored by PeerJ. Each winner is entitled to a free publication in a PeerJ journal (subject to peer review) and a feature about their research on the PeerJ blog site.

The winners were selected on the basis of the posters receiving the highest percentage of votes cast during the three poster sessions.