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WATOC has contracted the services of VIP Kids to provide childcare for children of conference delegates.

VIP KIDS is a professional childminding service that caters to conferences and events in the Metro Vancouver area. They strive for quality services and have implement standards, including caregiver ratios, space requirements and procedures. All of their caregivers are trained professionals who currently work with children. VIP KIDS will transform the room into an onsite childminding area complete with fun and games to care for the children while the parents attend WATOC.

Schedule: TBD

$10 per day, per child
*space is limited and children will be accepted based on a first come, first served basis
*regardless of number of hours service is used

1 caregiver to 2 children (2 and under)
1 caregiver to 8 children (3+ years)

VIP Kids will be providing:
– Bedding/cot/playpen
– TV/Movies/Wii Video Game
– Crafts (wooden or ceramic painting take home or ornament)
– Snacks for each child (2 healthy daily snacks; one at 10am & the other at 3pm)
– Daily lunch

Important – VIP Kids asks that families:
Provide any special/specific meals, snacks, bottles of formula or milk that your child may need. A small fridge will be available in the room for storage. *VIP KIDS will be implementing a NUT free environment.

Pack your child with extra clothing, diapers, wipes and any comfort items they may use such as a soother or blanket.

1- Register for the conference and indicate interest in childcare services.
*requested days of childcare services will be required (entire conference or specific days).
*number of kids, ages for each, and contact email will be required.
*children will be accepted based on a first come, first served basis and registrants will be contacted in the order that requests were received.

2- Pay and confirm for childcare.
*a link will be sent to those who registered for childcare.
*if “specific days” were selected during the registration process, these will need to be confirmed by a specified date to be determined at a later date.

3- VIP Kids will contact registrants to get their parental forms once registrants have confirmed on which days they will require childcare.

Deadline to register for childcare services: