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WATOC 2020 will be an in-person only event and we currently do not have the capacity to support a hybrid or virtual event. For more information, please visit our page dedicated to COVID-19.

Yes, banquet tickets will be available at the Registration Desk on Sunday and Monday.

Yes, you can buy additional excursion tickets from the Registration Desk.  Some tours may be sold out, but we expect to be able to accommodate more guests on the Harbour Cruise.

No, all oral presentations are by invitation, but you are encouraged to submit an abstract for a poster presentation.  Poster sessions at WATOC Congresses traditionally have very high participation rates.

Yes, we encourage you to bring family members and friends.  Tickets can be purchased through the registration portal.

Yes, extra tickets can be purchased through through the registration portal.

Participants are not required to stay at the three hotels listed on our website. Hotel rates tend to decrease as the distance from the Vancouver Convention Centre increases.

If you are unable to get the correct affiliation to show up for the co-authors, please send a list of the correct affiliations for each co-author to the conference inbox and we will make the correction on the back-end of the system.

To receive a Letter of Invitation, you must:

(1) Be a presenter at the conference, as demonstrated by submitting an abstract relevant to the conference topics (to the discretion of the Organizing Committee).

Please email the conference inbox with the requested information below once you have received your acceptance.


(1) Be a registered attendee for the conference, as demonstrated by completing payment for your conference registration, AND

(2) Submit a letter of support from your supervisor or sponsor from your institution/company indicating that you will participate in the conference as an attendee (letter must be signed and on the institution’s letterhead)

We will also need the following information sent to the conference inbox:

  • Full Name, as it appears on your passport
  • Occupation
  • Institution
  • Full Institution Address

If an excursion is no longer visible on the registration portal then the maximum number of tickets have been sold and no more are available. You will have to choose another excursion.

If you completed the registration process previously, you do not need to do anything more at this time.

The message is from scammers and is not connected to the congress.  Please note that the Organizing Committee will not offer to book your hotel or other travel arrangements.

No, all abstracts must be resubmitted. Abstracts can be resubmitted through the abstract submission portal.

Yes, all international speakers and attendees are eligible for a refund after the refund date if their visas were rejected.

Please email the conference inbox with proof of visa rejection and we will begin processing your refund as quickly as possible.

The requirement for a vaccination passport or equivalent proof of being vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter….has been lifted. Similarly, there is no restriction in restaurants.

Poster boards (with push pins and Velcro) will be provided. Each poster board is 8 feet wide by 4 feet high. The dimensions of your poster must be less than those of the poster boards.