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Though conditions are changing globally every day, the health and safety of our delegates, speakers, and exhibitors in these uncertain times remain our number one priority. Due to COVID-19, CCEC 2020 will be a fully virtual event. At this virtual event, you as a participant can share your scientific research, learn about emerging topics in the field, and make real connections with members of the community.

We encourage you to review the FAQ below regarding a virtual event. 



  • Experience daily live plenary sessions and engage in discussions with leaders in the field.


  •  Engage with speakers through live Q&As and chat sessions. Network with attendees and exhibitors to facilitate real conversations around important and emerging topics in the community.


  • Explore up to 240 hours of on-demand scientific content from diverse technical tracks on essential topics in the field with pre-recorded talks and e-poster sessions.


  • Enjoy CCEC 2020 from the comfort of your home at any time, record your presentation in advance at your leisure, and interact with other delegates globally around your schedule!

As chemical science professionals, we know conferences are a key venue for professional development, networking, and scientific advancement and these principles stand true for a virtual event. A virtual CCEC 2020 has the added benefits of allowing you to:

  • Save money by enjoying the conference in your favourite PJs without the costly travel, hotel, and food expenses. 
  • Replace travel time and long days with more time with loved ones.
  • Participate in a more accessible event to allow your science to reach a global audience.
  • Access people you want to talk to easily through messaging: no more awkwardly waiting for the speaker to finish talking to someone else before you can ask your questions.
  • Reduce your environmental footprint.  
  • Build your conference experience around your busy schedule and maintain your work-life balance.
  • And, most importantly, protect the safety and well-being of our communities.

We look forward to having you participate in the CCEC 2020 technical program. Once you have received your acceptance to the conference, here are the next steps

  1. Confirm the date and time of your on-demand presentation!
    • If you are delivering multiple presentations in the technical program, ensure there are no conflicts between the presentations.
  2. Register for the conference!
    • Attendees participating in the technical program and/or presenting in any sessions must register for the conference prior to October 14th at 11:59 pm ET.
  3. Record and upload your on-demand presentation!
    • Using the integrated video recording program in the virtual conference system, record your presentation at your convenience before October 14th.
  4. Share the news!
    • Share that you will be presenting at the CCEC 2020 on social media and start connecting with other attendees of the conference. Posting on social media? We encourage you to use the following graphics and hashtag #CCEC2020.

Networking has never been simpler thanks to virtual conferencing. As with an in-person conference, the program will incorporate specific times to help facilitate networking, including a daily one (1) hour networking break following the plenary session and a 20 minute networking break at the midpoint of the technical sessions. The majority of the networking events for the conference will be directly incorporated into the conference platform with “Virtual Networking Lounges” that can accommodate up to 16 people available to attendees on a variety of topics. These “virtual networking lounges” will be open for the duration of the conference and will contain a variety of themed discussions to help act as an icebreaker. These discussions will include technical sessions, early-career connections, local sections, and more. These virtual networking sessions are just the start. 

In addition to the virtual networking lounges, the conference will have a variety of virtual networking opportunities through interactive workshops hosted in zoom and live Q&As within the virtual poster sessions hosted in the virtual conference platform.

n order to register and attend the virtual meeting, you will need a free CIC ID. This will be your single set of login credentials to access membership (if applicable), registration, and the virtual event. The platform will use a mixture of the virtual conference platform and Zoom to facilitate on-demand technical sessions, live plenaries, interactive workshops, and virtual networking.

Events that are slated to occur outside of the virtual conference platform will still only be accessible through the virtual conference platform. Events that are facilitated outside of the platform will be indicated within the program. These events will include interactive workshops and large-scale networking events. These events will be facilitated outside of the conference platform to allow for an optimal user experience.

The virtual conference will use a combination of a virtual conference platform and Zoom Meetings and Webinars. 

To experience the virtual conference platform or Zoom, you will not be required to download any paid software. For an optimal experience, we recommend downloading Zoom Desktop Application. You can use the web version of Zoom instead, but there may be limitations with that version.

The health and safety of attendees are of the highest priority. Due to COVID-19, we have now made the decision that CCEC 2020 will be fully virtual.

The meeting schedule for live events and interactive chats will be in Eastern Time (ET) and will be scheduled to permit comparable access from all 5 time zones in Canada. The main virtual event will not begin prior to 10:50 am ET (7:50 am PT). Additionally, meeting content, with the exception of live events, will be available on demand for attendees to access at their leisure throughout the meeting.


Live daily kick-offs:
We are excited to launch each day with a live kick-off event, including a recap of events occurring that day leading into our daily plenary session. These 50 min plenary sessions will start live at 11 AM ET each day. Participants will be able to interact with speakers in real-time through the message-based discussion between the viewers and the moderator.

Plenaries will be recorded and made available within 24hrs of the main event, however, you will not be able to interact with the speaker afterwards.

Live interactive workshops:
Interactive workshops and panels will occur throughout the event and will be facilitated through Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar. The interactive workshops will be indicated in the program.

You will be not required to have a Zoom account. While you will not be required to download the Zoom desktop software to participate in these workshops, to ensure the optimal participant experience, it is recommended.

On-demand scientific research – Live engagement:
Technical sessions containing pre-recorded presentations with slides and audio/video will be available for the duration of the CCEC 2020 conference. Content will be released in 2-hour blocks across the event to allow presenters and participants alike to better plan their conference experience.

As with an in-person event, oral presentations will be restricted to 15-minute presentations (PowerPoint presentations with video/audio accompanying) to leave time for a live Q&A in the presenter’s virtual office. For the e-poster presentations, presenters will be given the option to present a 3-minute flash talk to accompany their high-quality PDF poster. Posters will be allocated a 30-minute block where we ask speakers to be present in their virtual office to engage and discuss their presentation with participants. These virtual offices will be restricted to 16 participants at a time. Should your on-demand presentation exceed the maximum time restriction, you will be contacted and asked to re-upload the presentation.

Unable to attend the live Q&A?
Don’t worry! Participants will be able to interact with the message-based discussion between participants and presenters available for the duration of the event.

The conference organizing committee is working diligently to review and schedule the technical program. We apologize for the delay and are working to have abstract acceptance delivered as soon as possible. If you have an exceptional circumstance that requires an immediate decision, for example, due to deadlines for applications to receive funding, please contact us at

Participants will be able to record their presentation directly in the virtual platform using the following steps:

  1. Log into the Conference Speaker Portal.
  2. Find your abstract/presentation and click the Record Presentation button.
  3. A new window will appear and have a small guide for you to follow.
    • Presenters will have the option to include video of themselves of not
    • It is advised prior to the start of your screen recording that you close all other unrelated applications and windows with any personal or private information.

Tips for recording:

  1. Record in a quiet, distraction-free area, if possible.
  2. Ensure you are using a strong Wi-Fi connection or a hardline internet connection.
  3. Use a good quality headset or stand-alone microphone. If possible, avoid using the default microphone within your computer.
  4. Do a test recording and ensure the audio and video are of good quality.

On-demand presentations will be released at unique intervals as part of the technical program. These will be integrated directly into the program scheduler to allow you to easily manage which sessions you would like to attend. After their initial release, these sessions will be available for the duration of the event. Should speakers wish to have their content available on-demand for the 2-hour release window, please contact us at and will would be happy to accommodate. 

Content that is only available for a single release will be flagged accordingly in the program. 

Registered attendees will be able to access on-demand content for up to 30 days after the completion of the main event. This will allow attendees time to explore the expansive program.  Please note, that some content may be only available for a limited period of time at the speaker’s request.

Presenters should record and upload their presentions to the virtual platform between September 28th and October 14th. Failure to upload your presentation by October 14th will result in the withdrawal of your abstract from the CCEC 2020 program.

Please contact us at if you have exceptional circumstances.

In order to withdraw your abstract please email, including your name and abstract ID number.

We are actively working with our virtual event platform to be able to accommodate presenters with IP concerns. Within the CCEC Virtual Events platforms, the capturing of images, sounds or stream, downloading or rebroadcasting of the technical session (oral or poster) speakers or presentations is strictly prohibited. 


Registration rates for CCEC 2020 in-person and virtual events have been released and are available on the CCEC 2020 website. 

  • Join the CSChE to access reduced registration rates. Your membership helps the society support the Canadian chemical engineering community with programming and initiatives throughout the year.

As a non-profit organization, we take pride in offering our services to the community at the lowest cost possible, and our virtual registration rates are no exception. While facilitating a virtual event helps us reduce our registration rates, virtual events still require:

  • A dedicated staff to organize an engaging and exciting event.
  • A virtual event platform that allows for an all-inclusive and value-adding experience, e.g., : intuitive interface, on-demand access to scientific content, integrated networking opportunities, simple presentation uploading, access to an interactive exhibition hall, and customizable conference schedule.

Yes, the deadline for registration refunds will be extended to 5 business days after the abstract acceptances have been delivered.

All attendees and presenters will be required to register to participate in the program, networking events, and workshops.

Registered attendees will be able to access on-demand content for up to 30 days after the completion of the main event. This will allow attendees time to explore the expansive program.  Please note, that some content may be only available for a limited period of time at the speaker’s request.


Information relating to how awardees will receive their award will be sent to the recipients shortly. Throughout the virtual event, there will be new and exciting ways to celebrate our CIC/CSChE awardees.

Yes, a virtual student banquet will be occurring as part of the CCEC 2020 student programming, including virtual trivia, networking, and, of course, our virtual awards ceremony.

Yes, conference attendees will have opportunities to learn more about exhibitors and directly interact with them through our virtual exhibition hall.

CCEC 2020 Virtual is excited to be able to deliver new sponsorship opportunities and interactive exhibitor spaces that offer the same or greater value as you would have at an in-person event.

Learn more about sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities here or contact us at

Have a question that is not listed above? We encourage you to contact us at