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Chemistry in Canada 2067 - Future Leaders in the Chemical Sciences

Pierre Kennepohl, University of Calgary, Canada
Belinda Heyne, University of Calgary, Canada
Tom Baker, University of Ottawa, Canada

Undergraduate research experiences are integral components of our strategies for training the next generation of chemists in Canada. Drawing inspiration from the Canada 2067 national initiative for science, technology, engineering and math education, the Chemistry in Canada 2067 session will showcase the future leaders of the Canadian chemistry community by highlighting the contributions made by undergraduate students in all areas of chemistry from across the country. Building on the success of the inaugural event in Quebec City, this symposium will highlight the research of undergraduate students including those from the Reactive Intermediates Student Exchange (RISE Canada) and Inorganic Chemistry Exchange (ICE), well-established summer exchange programs with a long history of developing young talent by providing them with unique research opportunities across the country. Each of these programmes typically hosts an end of summer conference that allow students to present their work, as well as learn about other research performed by their colleagues. For the IUPAC WCC and CCCE 2021, the Chemistry in Canada 2067- Future Leaders in the Chemical Sciences” symposium will provide these students with an even broader perspective on the research enterprise.

The symposium will include presentations by participants in the summer exchange programmes, alumni of these programmes that have continued on to successful careers in chemistry, as well as including a call for contributions from other undergraduate researchers. The selection of speakers in this symposium will seek to ensure representation from contributors from across the country and from a diverse group of students and alumni.