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Student Catalysis Presentation Award, and
Student Catalysis Presentation Award for the Underrepresented Groups in STEM

As a club of North American Catalysis Society (NACS), the Catalysis Division of CIC offers the “Student Catalysis Presentation Award” and “Student Catalysis Presentation Award for the Underrepresented Groups in STEM” for the best oral presentations at the 104th CCCE (August 13-20, 2021). The purpose of the awards is to encourage graduate students in Canadian Universities to pursue career in catalysis, with a particular emphasis given to support underrepresented groups in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

The award will consist of a certificate and a cheque (the monetary amount TBC based on the number of the awards given). The awards are granted based on the quality of the student’s oral presentation.

Eligibility: the eligible graduate students must be enrolled full-time in a thesis-based graduate program at a Canadian University at the time of the conference. Only those students who were approved by the Conference Organizing Committee to deliver oral presentations at the 104th CCCE will be considered. The awards are given only for the research in catalysis.

Application process: eligible students need to email (or share by other means) their recorded virtual presentation file to the Awards Committee Chair (Vice-Chair of the Catalysis Division Prof. Hui Wang and the accepted conference abstract by the first day of the conference (August 13, 2021, 5 pm EDT). In the text body, please indicate if you would like to be considered for the “Student Catalysis Presentation Award” and/or (optionally) “Student Catalysis Presentation Award for the Underrepresented Groups in STEM”.

Adjudication process: the Catalysis Division awards committee will review the submitted applications and deliver
its decision to the participants no later than three weeks after the conference, followed by the mail delivery of the
certificates and the cheques.

The names of the awardees will be posted on the Catalysis Division website

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