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Chemistry for Energy

Donald R. Sadoway

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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Chemistry at the Frontiers

Makoto Fujita

The University of Tokyo

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Chemistry for Health

Petra Fromme

Arizona State University, USA

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Margaret Brimble

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

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Chemistry for Society

Zafra M. Lerman

Malta Conferences Foundation

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Chemistry for Sustainability

Paul Anastas

Yale University, USA

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2021 CIC Montréal Medalist

Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson

Dalhousie University, Canada

After her B.Sc. (Hons I) from the University of Leicester (UK), Dr. Alison Thompson received her Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield (UK) for asymmetric aziridination and epoxidation methodology. After postdoctoral positions in Strasbourg (France) and at the University of British Columbia, in 2001 she moved to Dalhousie University initially with an NSERC University Faculty Award. Research in Alison’s group involves the synthesis and application of pyrrole-containing species. Alison strives to provide a supportive training environment en route to successful careers in their chosen fields. Her contributions have been recognized via the Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Pyrrole Chemistry for Chemical Biology and Energy, the Dalhousie Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision, the Dalhousie Alumni Association Faculty Award of Excellence for Teaching, the Association of Atlantic Universities Anne Marie MacKinnon Educational Leadership Award, and the CSC Clara Benson Award. Alison has served on the CSC Accreditation Committee, the CSC Organic Division Executive, and the NSERC Chemistry Evaluation Group for Discovery Grants. Alison is heavily involved with the non-profit SuperNOVA, helping to fund and enable hands-on STEM programming to >16,000 youth annually including >40% rural, low-income, newcomer, African-Canadian, Indigenous and hospitalized youth.

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