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Louise Dawe, Wilfrid Laurier University (@LouiseDawe)
Brian Wagner, University of Prince Edward Island (@DrummerBoy2112)
Vance Williams, Simon Fraser University (@vancew)

Discussions about chemistry often focus on the utility of our discipline. However, chemistry is not merely useful; it is also beautiful. As a celebration of the beauty of chemistry, the IUPAC | CCCE 2021 Conference will feature a juried exhibition of original chemistry-inspired art.

Send us submissions of experiments, computer-generated representations of theoretical concepts, reproductions of paintings, or any other images that relate to the field. Winning submissions will be displayed throughout the congress for all delegates to view and discuss, with a public exhibition component as well. This contest is open to all members of the CSC and attendees of the IUPAC CCCE with a limit of one image per person.

Stay tuned for further details around submissions.