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Congratulations to our winners  

  1. Xenia Medvedeva  
  2. Denis Therien  
  3. Tien Quach  
  4. Melissa Radford  
  5. Jessica Valero  
  6. Keuna Jeon  
  7. Rama El-khawaldeh  
  8. Alexi  Pauls  
  9. Oriana Gonçalves  
  10. Adam Cook  

Game On! 

Earn points and win big at IUPAC | CCCE 2021 

Feeling lucky? Interested in winning money and prizes valued at over $5000.00 dollars? 

Level up your remote experience by earning points as you engage with the conference. Visit “Game” in the left-hand menu in the virtual conference platform, and then click on “My Tasks” to see all the ways you can earn points. 

How do I play or earn points? 

All conference participants can earn points by completing tasks within the virtual conference platform. Accomplish the following activities, from August 9, 2021, until August 20, 2021. Participants can verify the points they have earned, view the prizes, review the task list, and see points earned by peers, by visiting the game tab in the conference platform at any time. Review the IUPAC | CCCE 2021 virtual conference training video to view a quick demonstration of the games.  

High Value Points 

  • Visit an exhibitor booth – 500  
  • Completely watch a session – 500  
  • Contact an Exhibitor – 500  
  • View a poster – 500  
  • Click on a banner Ad – 250 
  • Completely watch a presentation – 500   

 Lowest Value Points

  • Enter exhibitor raffle – 500 
  • Make a social post –50  
  • Make a social post with a picture – 50 
  • Chat with other attendees – 100
  • Reply to a post – 100 
  • Completely watch a select session – 50

What could I win? 

Electronics, gift cards, and other prizes valued at over $5000 dollars will be awarded to the top-ranking competition and exhibition raffle participants. The more you engage in the conference, and the more tasks you complete, the more points you earn and prizes you take home.  

Competition Rules & Regulations 

Prize Distribution  

The IUPAC | CCCE 2021 general conference competition rewards will be distributed by the conference organizing body, the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC), the tri-society organization that is proud to represent diverse members from the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE), and the Candian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT). The raffle prizes displayed in each exhibition booth will be distributed by the assigned business managing that booth.  

Winner Selection  

The conference competition points required to be eligible to win prizes will be calculated through the main conference platform. Points cannot be earned through Attendees can earn points from the first day of the conference. Winners will be announced and selected after the last day of the conference. All decisions are final and cannot be challenged or appealed. In the event of a tie, the CIC will settle the decision through an internal process at the discretion of the organizers. Exhibition raffle prizes are selected by exhibitors and all decisions are final and cannot be appealed or challenged.  

Attendee Data and Privacy Policy  

By visiting the exhibition hall and participating in the exhibition booth raffles in the main conference platform, you are offering your attendee contact details to the exhibiting partner managing the virtual booth. No participant details will be collected in or by engaging with exhibition booth staff in If you choose to not enter the exhibition hall, engage with the virtual booths in the main conference platform, or opt out of redeeming conference digital gamification prizes, your points will still be collected by the platform, but your contact details will not be shared with participating conference exhibitors. To learn more about our privacy policy, please visit our website 

Eligibility Requirements  

To be eligible to win a prize or an exhibition booth raffle prize, conference participants must have purchased a registration pass for the conference or provide proof that a conference registration pass was purchased under their name to cover their attendance. IUPAC | CCCE 2021 conference organizing staff, volunteers, and CIC paid employees are not eligible to participate in the competition or win prizes. 

Please note that if you misuse the exhibition chat or messaging function by spamming partners or engaging in other inappropriate communication activities the points earned will not be valid and you will not be selected as an exhibition raffle or game-winner.