The Process Safety Management (PSM) Division of the CSChE is a national network of more than 300 volunteers. The division connects individuals with a common interest and expertise in PSM to create networking opportunities and to share ideas.

  • The Canadian standard CSA Z767-17 Process Safety Management (available in French as CSA Z767-F17 Gestion de la sécurité opérationnelle , was published on Friday, February 20, 2017. This is a reflection of the dedication of our project team who have spent the last three years diligently working on the standard. The standard has been confirmed as a National Standard of Canada. We have a dedicated team that is organizing the next phase of workshops and information sessions.


The Division

  • Develops and disseminates important publications and tools related to the practice of PSM in Canada
  • Promotes awareness, understanding and use of PSM tools
  • Influences and encourages a public policy framework that incorporates PSM principles
  • Furthers the advancement and development of PSM ideas, theorems, tools, services, and techniques
  • Fosters PSM in chemical and related engineering, technical, science and management education, and professional development
  • Monitors PSM metrics to identify gaps in PSM knowledge or applications, and facilitates and encourages appropriate corrective action
  • Recognizes outstanding career achievements through the Process Safety Management Award

Events & Past Events

PSM Publications

PSM Conference Presentations and Technical Papers

Executive Committee

PSM Handbook and Charter