High temperature resistant EPDM – HeatBoss

Date: March 9, 2023 2:00 pm (ET)


  • Dr. Ali Vahidifar

HeatBoss EPDM – A new generation of high heat resistant EPDM, promising for SAE J200 E applications

Abstract: HeatBoss EPDM, is a new generation of high heat resistant EPDM compound, prepared by novel formulation design using EPDM polymer with a selected 3rd diene monomer and peroxide cure system. The resultant formulation demonstrates superior heat resistance to that of normal EPDM compounds, cured by either sulfur or peroxide. HeatBoss EPDM, after being aged at 350F for 672 hrs, shows only 53% loss in elongation at break, 18% decrease in tensile strength, along with 7 points increase in hardness. This means that this performance is comparable to that of a typical silicone rubber used in automotive muffler hanger application, which shows a loss of 54% in elongation, 20% in tensile, and 7 points increase hardness. However, HeatBoss EPDM has better initial dynamic and mechanical properties than the silicone. This means that HeatBoss EPDM can matches the performance of the silicone after aging. FTIR and microscope were used to investigate the physical and chemical change, if any, of aged HeatBoss EPDM surface. Results showed there was no noticeable crack/craze formation, and a minor change in chemical structure of surface was observed after aging, which demonstrated that our HeatBoss EPDM has excellent resistance to ozone and oxygen attack at elevated temperature. Such excellent heat aging performance has qualified our HeatBoss EPDM for type E applications per SAE J200 or ASTM D2000. In addition,  HeatBoss EPDM can be formulated to possess similar processability to the silicone, but at a 50%-60% lower cost, which makes the HeatBoss EPDM to be an ideal alternative for silicone in muffler hanger application and potentially for others that require Grade E elastomers.

Bio: Ali Vahidifar,  Ph.D. of polymer science and engineering, started his job as an R&D engineer and rubber chemist at AirBoss Rubber Solution in January 2020. Dr. Vahidifar is excellent at helping the business and creating new products, advanced elastomeric technologies, and scaling up R&D projects to the semi-industrial level. He has successfully developed several rubber products such as high heat EPDM (trade name HeatBoss), high surface energy EPDM, oil resistance EPDM products, rubbers with high tackiness to plastics, antimicrobial rubber compounds for FDA and non-FDA applications, and polymer sponges.

Before his current position at AirBoss Rubber Solutions, Dr. Vahidifar was an assistant professor at University of Bonab and a researcher at Laval University for around five years. He supervised numerous projects, graduated and undergraduate students in the polymer field. Dr. Vahidifar’s research got supported through collaborations with industry partners leveraging provincial and federal funding (NSERC, Mitacs, FRQNT, etc.). Over the last few years, he published several scientific publications, including 30 journal papers, 20 Conference papers, two book chapters, and two submitted patents.