Carbon Fibers from Bitumen Asphaltenes: A New Opportunity for Canada’s Natural Resource

Date: April 21, 2022 12:00 pm (ET)


  • Antonio G. De Crisci
    Research Scientist, NRCan-RNCan
Antonio De Crisci

Biography: Antonio (Anthony) De Crisci was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and where he was educated at the University of Toronto obtaining his Hon. BSc. and Ph.D. in Chemistry. His studies mainly focused on catalysis and small molecule activation. Next, Antonio completed a Post-doctoral at Stanford University where he worked on the development of organo-catalysis and electrocatalysts for the development of new polymeric material and energy storage applications. He is now a Research Scientist at CanmetENERGY in Devon, Alberta in the Department of Natural Resources Canada. He continues to work on the development of catalysis and material discovery using natural products. Father. Husband. Learner, and model for my children.