Whine and Wine Series

An opportunity for active instructors to meet, greet, brag, complain, and hydrate

The next Whine and Wine is happening August 27, 2020 at 5:30pm ET

Whine & Wine for Summer Chemistry Instructors

When: Thursday 27 August @ 5:30pm ET

Grab a glass of wine or your beverage of choice to join chemistry educators from across Canada for an informal discussion about our teaching experiences.

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With the sudden emergence of physical distancing requirements due to COVID-19, the already condensed and fast-paced summer 2020 courses became even more challenging. The necessity of remote teaching required instructors to develop at-home laboratories & assessments and extensive on-line content while addressing the educational and technological needs of students around the world.

The Whine & Wine, organized by the CIC Chemical Education Division, provides an opportunity for active instructors to meet, greet, brag, complain, and hydrate. Whether you are a current chemistry instructor, preparing to teach in the fall, or looking to unwind with colleagues, join us on August 27th at 5:30 pm EDT


About the Organizer:
Dr. Deborah Durbin
is completing an assistant professor appointment at Trent University to become the first-year course coordinator and chemistry instructor at SUNY Farmingdale in the fall. Dr. Durbin previously taught at RMC, OntarioTech, Paul Smith’s College, and Barnard College of Columbia University. Dr. Durbin is a strong proponent of chemistry communication, science literacy, and active learning.