Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Network

The Canadian Green Chemistry Engineering Network (CGCEN) is a network of the CIC. It is a multidisciplinary network that brings together leading researchers and practitioners in chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering with policy makers, industrial partners and professional organizations in the areas of alternate and conventional energy, chemical and biochemical manufacturing processes, new materials, and pharmaceuticals. CGCEN considers the whole innovation cycle from research to commercial implementation.

CGCEN Awards

The CGCEN recognizes outstanding achievements of both individuals and organizations through the Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Network Awards.

Other Activities

The Network:

  • Promotes green chemistry and engineering symposia at the CIC’s conferences, workshops, and seminars
  • Develops strategic relationships with other similar types of national and global organizations such GreenCentre Canada and the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute
  • Provides networking opportunities for students, academic researchers, government policy makers and commercial entrepreneurs
  • Promotes green chemistry and engineering in outreach programs

What is green chemistry and engineering?